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About the Firm

Julia E. Burt established the firm in 2005. The main office was located in La Quinta and worked to meet the needs of clients throughout the Coachella Valley. In August 2009, Heidi Richert Clerc joined the firm and the firm moved to El Paseo in Palm Desert. Barbara G. Knox joined the team in February 2017 and Lisa Killingbeck Berkeley joined in November 2020.

Burt + Clerc are committed to meeting your expectations and assisting you in achieving your goals in a sincere and friendly manner. The attorneys in our boutique firm specialize primarily in estate planning and probate matters. Julia E. Burt, Heidi Richert Clerc and Lisa Killingbeck Berkeley are certified specialists in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law in California. It is our philosophy that the age of general practitioners is gone. Clients today expect attorneys to have experience in their chosen fields of law and practice with unparalleled excellence. We strive to meet these expectations everyday.

Palm Springs Life has recognized both Julia E. Burt and Heidi Richert Clerc as top lawyers in the Coachella Valley for estate planning services. We look forward to working with you.

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